TTPod 1.70 java English + 50 Skins

Language: English!!

TTPod is a powerful music player and completely free, support lyrics and album art downloads, skin blossoms change, more dazzling visual effects of shock, rich preset equalizer effects, support for audio enhancement, simple and user-friendly operation.The all features makes it a new mobile music experience. This excellent free music player support all Java and Symbian phones.

What’s New in v1.70:
*Professional audio decoder and advanced EQ, EQ can choose a song you hear a different feeling
*Interface easy to use, play format, songs get sort of a key, let you easily play a non-stop
*Precise synchronization word graph shows, karaoke OK like you display, Colorful bright picture is the United States on Canada-US.
*Mass no matter how you skin, the skin renewal cycle is short, so you enjoy the most fashionable in the skin, the most cutting-edge

About Skins:
In this TTPod 1.70 Music Player, Cool new 50 Themes are included!!
No more need to download separate files to give your player enhance look!!
Enjoy ;D

compatible for phone:

motorola : i606 i536 i508 i289 i188 i266 i399 V303 K302+ K202 K201 K203M i270 i531 i530 i518 V205 V206

nokia : X2-00 X2-01 X3-02 X3 C1-01 C2-00 C2-01 C3-00 C3-01 C3-01m 8800 carbonarte 8600Luna 8800 arte 8800 DA 8800 GA 8800 SA 7610 supernova 7900 prism 7310 7210 supernova 7500 prism 7510 supernova 7390 7370 7230 7020 7100s 7510a 6267 6263 6555 6600 fold 6500 classic 6280 6300i 6290 6288 6270 6234 6208classic 6600slide 6700classic 6500slide 6300 6212c 6282 6275 6303ci 6202c 6303c 6350 6600islide 6750 5330XM 5300 5130xpressmusic 5220xpressmusic 5132xm 5611xm 5330xm 5310xm 3210classic 3600slide 3208c 3711 3710F 2710c 2690 2700classic 2220S 2322C 2720a 2323c 2282 2730c 2700c

se : Z558 Z770 Z750 Z780 Z550 Z610 W810 W888c W350 W550 W610 W580c W660 W980 W760 W800 W380 W830c W395 W908c W902 W900C W890 W700 W710 V600 V640 T700 T658c S500c Rachael K770 K630 K790c K530 K800c K858c K600 K550 K750 K610 K858c G705 G502 C702 C902 C510 W595 K700

lg : S5230 Star LG: KP500 KF350 GS290 Cookie GD580


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