SisEditor v0.75 English s60v3 s60v5

The biggest feature is the support sis / sisx package of editing, even if the package is very complex way the sis / sisx packages can easily edit and intact!

Let us look at the specific features of this software:

1 , support edit sis / sisx file with basic information, such as program name, uid, creation time, the program version, the provider name, language, target device, the type of installation and so on.
2 , support for editing sis / sisx file list, including the program components can be edited.
3 , support for new sis / sisx packages. This feature is still in the basic stage, the future will be perfect.
4 , can be sis / sisx package inside the file the following: add, delete, replace, extract, property editor (can be four kinds of operation), up and down, bulk export, etc. 
5 , support for cross- screen operation, you can better see the file specific path.
6 , Add 100 kinds of programming language support . Goal setting to support the third and the fifth edition of all the models chosen. The type of
installation support for five.
7 , support the sis / sisx theme files unpack and pack
8 , support the sis / sisx files signed. When the signature of the software, the software can not require a signature with no certificate , you must use the sis editor first to sign the certificate inside the software to delete, and then signed their own certificate , so that signatures will be successful!

Use here Note: The edit and save the sis / sisx packages, need to sign to install .



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