SisEditor 0.72 S60v3 S60v5 signed

aplikasi editor komplit utk mengedit file instaler symbian s60 yaitu sis dan sisx.berikut penjelasannya:

The biggest feature is the support sis / sisx package of editing, even if the package is very complex way the sis / sisx packages can easily edit and intact!
Let us look at the specific features of this software:

1, support edit sis / sisx file with basic information, such as program name, uid, creation time, the program version, the provider name, language, target device, the type of installation and so on.
2, support for editing sis / sisx file list, including the program components can be edited.
3, support for new sis / sisx packages. This feature is still in the basic stage, the future will be perfect.
4, can be sis / sisx package inside the file the following: add, delete, replace, extract, property editor (can be four kinds of operation), up and down, bulk export, etc.5, support for cross-screen operation, you can better see the file specific path.
6, Add 100 kinds of programming language support. Goal setting to support the third and the fifth edition of all the models chosen. The type of installation support for five.
7, support the sis / sisx theme files unpack and pack
8, support the sis / sisx files signed.

When the signature of the software, the software can not require a signature with no certificate, you must use the sis editor first to sign the certificate inside the software to delete, and then signed their own certificate, so that signatures will be successful!



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