Youlu Address Book 1.2.2 S60 3rd and 5th,Symbian^3 (Updated on 13/5/2011)

aplikasi mamtap,gabungan dari kontak,sms,log dan dial.

berikut penjelasan dari pengembangnya:

  • Updated on 13/5/2011:
    1. Optimized online status of Youlu Messenger.
    2. Optimized message loading speed and memory usage.
    4. Added a badge to identify the owner of group chat.
    5. Support to input name before exchange phone numbers.
    6. Optimized file transfer mechanism.
    7. Solved the bug that made the app unable to launch.
    8. Support for adding additional shortcuts like ‘Youlu Messaging’ and ‘Youlu Dialer’ by install an enhancement package. Click here to download the enhancement packageFeatures:
    • Vastly improved search speed (with most contacted contacts pushed to the top).
    • Text message input box directly associated with recipient (similar to Gmail or Outlook).
    • Text conversation, free chat with Youlu users by Youlu Messenger, sending images and audios now supported.
    • Smart Dialing on home screen.
    • Fast and safe syncing service.
    • One-button call recording.



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